John Collins pens heartfelt message for Hawks after Jazz trade

Two months ago, the Atlanta Hawks traded forward John Collins to the Utah Jazz. The move came as a mild surprise: many viewed Collins as a foundational piece along with Trae Young and Dejounte Murray. However, after a brutal 2022-23 season filled with injuries, the team decided to move on from the forward.

After a long time, Collins finally had a message for his former team. The ex-Hawks forward thanked the organization for giving him a chance, while expressing his love for the fans.

“ATL…..I know….. I took my time with this one. But this one definitely stung. Being thrown into this fire as a kid, having no clue of the journey in front of me. It's amazing how 6 years can fly by. Atlanta, Thank you for the Swag, the Culture, the LOVE, and thank you for embracing the kid with open arms. Atlanta thank you for never taking it easy on me. Because I am proud to leave you as a man! 🍑❤

To the Organization. Thank you for sticking with me, even at my lowest. Thank you for allowing me a place to grow. But as I see ,it is this hawks time to fly away from the nest. As my growth here is being stunted. 🕊

John Collins was one of Atlanta’s brightest stars. For the longest time, the high-flying forward was the Hawks’ second-best player and Trae Young’s running mate. He was a part of the team that made a surprise run to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, an injury on Collins’ hand severely hampered his production last season. The Hawks ended up trading John Collins to the Jazz for Rudy Gay and a second-rounder.

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