Lamar Odom damages Mercedes in car accident

Lamar Odom always finds his way into the news cycle one way or another, and has done so once again, albeit this time in a much more serious manner. Reports have begun to surface that Odom was involved in a car crash last week, and the pictures show that his pricey Mercedes-Benz incurred some serious damage as a result.

Odom was reportedly driving home from a friend’s house early on Monday morning when he ended up crashing into two parked cars. Odom alleged that he dropped his phone and took his eyes off the road to pick it up, which resulted in the mishap. Odom didn’t need any medical assistance, but was shaken up by the incident.

“A rep for Lamar tells TMZ … Lamar was behind the wheel when he got into a car crash around 3 AM Monday in a residential area near his home. We’re told Lamar was driving home from a friend’s place in Northridge when he dropped his phone inside his Mercedes, reached down to retrieve it, lost control and smashed into a pair of cars parked on the street. Lamar’s rep says his white Mercedes hit another white car, which bumped into another car parked in front of it. Lamar’s airbags deployed, and he wasn’t injured and didn’t need medical assistance.” – TMZ Sports

It doesn’t seem like Odom was operating under the influence of any substances, and that this was a mistake. However, it could be a pricey one, as images of Odom’s car show that it took some serious damage as a result of this crash. Hopefully he can avoid similar sorts of issues in the future, and he will surely be looking to get some immediate repairs done on his car as a result of this crash.

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