LeBron James workout video shows Lakers star looking dialled in for 21st NBA season

A couple of decades into arguably the most decorated career in NBA history, LeBron James is already in unchartered territory, and in 2023-24 he’ll look to continue to defy Father Time in what will be his 21st season at the top level. And if a recently released video is anything to go by, age does not appear to yet be wearying him – at least not as much as it has virtually every other 38-year-old in sporting history.

The video, which you can watch below, shows LeBron looking cut and working on first his shot off the dribble, and then his catch-and-shoot.

LeBron James has been more injury prone in recent years – understandable as he’s entered his late 30s – but in the 55 games he managed to play last season, still averaged 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.9 assists and dropped a casual 40-10-9 statline in what turned out to be the Lakers’ final game of the season. For reference, the late Kobe Bryant sits in second for points per game in his 20th season – he managed 17.6. After that comes Dirk Nowitzki with 12.0 then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 10.1, and that’s it as far as double-figure 20th seasons go. Clearly, 28.9 is relatively unprecedented.

In his 21st season, the gap LeBron has on the rest of the field to have played as long as he has in the NBA will likely widen further. Both Bryant and Abdul-Jabbar called it quits after their aforementioned 20th while Nowitzki’s numbers dropped rapidly, leaving Vince Carter in the lead for most points per game in season 21 with 7.4. If the above video is anything to go by, LeBron James is looking ready to break that record by about 400%.

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