Richard Jefferson drops cryptic comments on ‘truth’ behind Ime Udoka scandal


Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka finds himself in trouble after having an affair with a team staffer. Udoka could be facing a year-long suspension and has even thought about resigning, per reports. But, should he really be hit with such a big punishment? Once you hear what Richard Jefferson had to say on the matter, you may think differently. When you guys find out the truth …. — Richard Jefferson (@Rjeff24) September 22, 2022 So once you understand it’s 100% consensual from both parties… WHY IS THERE SUCH A LONG SUSPENSION? I repeat … 100% consensual! — Richard Jefferson (@Rjeff24) September 22, 2022 Jefferson has a point. Ime Udoka and this said staffer had an affair that was consensual. Why is he being suspended for an entire season? Yes, Udoka has a fiancee, Nia Long, but that’s not really anyone’s business. This is a basketball team and if Udoka didn’t do anything illegal or inappropriate, there are really no reasons to reprimand him for the whole 2022-23 campaign. Sure, there are team rules. Perhaps 20-30 games would make sense. However, after making a run all the way to the NBA Finals under Udoka, this doesn’t seem to be a smart decision. Certainly many different ways to look at this situation. The Celtics clearly have a rule against these types of things. For the sake of Boston though, one could only pray that Ime Udoka doesn’t step down. He is far too important to the franchise and it’s frankly hard to know what they’re going to be like in the upcoming campaign without him leading the charge. Lots of different opinions on the matter. It’ll be very interesting to see what ultimately happens with Udoka and if he remains with the C’s or not moving forward. He could be too embarrassed to continue on. The post Richard Jefferson drops cryptic comments on ‘truth’ behind Ime Udoka scandal appeared first on ClutchPoints.