RUMOR: Eastern conference team joins Heat in Damian Lillard trade pursuit

Ever since Damian Lillard requesting his trade from the Portland Trail Blazers, the Miami Heat have been deemed the most likely destination. However, the Heat aren’t the only team in the Eastern conference with an interest in Lillard.

A team from the Eastern conference outside of the Heat has been talking to the Blazers about a Lillard trade, via Marc Spears of ESPN. While he didn’t divulge which team was interested, clearly Miami isn’t the only suitor.

Still, Spears’ report leaves a lot to be desired on the Lillard front. It isn’t too shocking that any team that is capable would be interested in acquiring a player of Lillard’s caliber. However, the fact that the Blazers have actually been engaging in trade talks with this unknown team is certainly interesting.

If Portland were to trade Lillard to a non-Heat team, plenty of questions would arise. Mainly, would Lillard want to remain in a situation he didn’t request? The acquiring team would have to be okay with the answer being no.

For the Blazers however, getting the biggest bang for their buck should be top priority. It seems unlikely Lillard will ever play for the franchise again. However, he is still one of the biggest stars in team history and one of the best players in the NBA today.

The Heat remain the favorites to land Damian Lillard in a trade simply because that’s his preferred landing spot. But if another team – particularly from the Eastern conference – swoops in with a better offer, it may be too good for the Blazers to refuse.

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